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These skin-coloured growths are caused by a viral infection that occurs in the top layer of your skin. A common condition, they are mostly painless unless found on the soles of your feet (plantar warts). Many patients will find common warts on their hands while others are seen on the face or legs (flat warts).


Not all people exposed to the virus will develop warts thanks to your body’s immune system. In some cases, they may disappear without treatment. Warts are seen as small bumps of thick skin that may have a slightly different colour from the surrounding skin.

Note: If you are unsure of a particular treatment option, we offer free consultation appointments. Call us at 403-252-4410 to book.

Treatment options

  • Freezing (cryotherapy)

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications

  • Occlusion therapy – covering the wart with tape

  • Burning with an electrical current (electrosurgery)

  • Cutting off the wart (curettage)

  • Laser surgery


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