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A common skin condition that often begins in adolescence, acne can impact people well into adulthood and is caused when the pores in your skin are clogged with naturally occurring oil called sebum. The severity of acne, which can stay below the skin or protrude through the skin’s surface, is often characterized as mild, moderate or severe. For those with severe conditions, deep lesions may develop which are often inflamed and painful. When not treated, they can result in scarring.

Note: If you are unsure of a particular treatment option, we offer free consultation appointments. Call us at 403-252-4410 to book.

Treatment options

There is a wide range of treatment options for acne and the related scarring that can develop. In all cases, the treatment needs to be given enough time to work. To maintain success following treatment, it is recommended to be gentle when cleaning your skin, avoid picking at blemishes and carefully choose your cosmetics.


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