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Electrolysis, Laser, or Wax: How to Choose?

Before picking one method at random, it is best if you consider each option and the advantages, as well as disadvantages, each has to offer.

Examining the Pros and Cons of Waxing, Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal 

Now is the time to compare all three of the popular choices for hair removal and see which works best for your lifestyle and needs:

1. How Long It Lasts

Waxing will last three to six weeks. Laser hair removal is typically permanent, but you may have regrowth (which is easily managed) every six to 12 months. Electrolysis is permanent like laser versions, but also requires touch-up appointments.

2. Number of Treatments

If you wax, you will be back every few weeks once the hair grows back in. For laser, it takes approximately five treatments every 4-6 weeks that are relatively quick. Electrolysis takes 15 minutes to one hour per treatment, but you may need to return every one to two weeks continuously until all hair is removed.

3. Cost

While laser hair removal costs the most out of the three, it is more efficient and the most permanent. Waxing is the cheapest method among the three, but it is not permanent.

4. Comfort

Waxing is the most painful form of hair removal, and it can easily irritate the skin. Electrolysis is relatively painless but might cause swelling, scars, and redness in the treated areas. The laser is the least invasive of the three, and with an appropriately trained physician or technician, there are very few risks associated with you laser hair removal treatment in Calgary.

5. The Process

Electrolysis treats only one hair follicle at a time, so it will take multiple appointments and several months to treat problem areas fully. An electrical current destroys the root of each follicle to prevent it from coming back. With waxing, a sticky wax is applied directly to the hair, and then covered with a waxing strip. The strip is then pulled away, taking hairs from the root with it. Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles at the roots using a beam of light.

Calgary Laser Hair Removal Professionals Can Help You Decide

When you have unwanted hair, it is best to meet with a professional. Not all individuals are candidates for electrolysis and laser, but only a professional can decide if the type of hair and skin works with their hair removal treatments.If you want to get rid of excess hair on your face, arms, chest or elsewhere on the body, the Young & Wouters team can help. We offer laser hair removal in Calgary. Our team uses the latest technology, including the Cutera® ProWave, LightSheer™ Diode and Inmode Diolaze for Men and Women for efficient, long-term hair removal.


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